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Craft Sugar Cubes - Old Fashioned


Say ‘hello’ to instant craft cocktails and ‘bye,bye’ hassle. Create a mixologist-inspired craft cocktail instantly with Teaspressa's handcrafted, naturally infused flavored sugar cubes. Designed specifically for any drink to enhance or make a completely new beverage!  Made with all natural ingredients containing only 16 calories, enjoy artisan spirits anywhere, anytime!

 Just add the cube to drink! 

- The LUXE cube has versatile uses including making: instant flavored lattes, mimosas in sparkling wine, Italian soda/mocktails in sparkling water, and cocktails with spirits

- LUXE cubes are made with all natural ingredients

- Each LUXE cube has less than a tsp of sugar, approximately 16 calories, 4 carbs

- All items are hand-made in Phoenix, AZ, USA

Paired Liquor

Old Fashioned cube + 3oz rye whiskey + stir on ice


Craft Sugar Cubes - Old Fashioned