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Upcycled Tin African Animals

These delightful animals are made from recycled scraps, all handmade by Godfrey and his team.

As each animal is handmade and unique, the color of animal you receive may be different than what is photographed.

*Please message us if you would like a specific color.

About Godfrey:

Godfrey started his creative career making animals and cars out of coke cans 15 years ago. Now he has a small team that work with him in his workshop located in Salt River, just outside Cape Town. Here he designs and makes a range of character animals out of recycled metal, tin, wire and beads – each screaming with personality!

Godfrey’s team members consists of 'brothers' (dear friends) from Zimbabwe. They all have the ability to use a long nose wire cutter as a second hand.

Godfrey recently moved into his new workshop and gives credit to the support he has received from Thumbprint Artifacts. Godfrey commented that 'this would not have been possible if I had not had the orders from your customers in America!'. We hope to continue to help Godfrey and his team grow their business!

Upcycled Tin African Animals