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Himelhochs 1907 blend coffee beans, label. Hand made by coffee lovers for coffee lovers!

Himelhoch's 1907 Blend

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Himelhoch's signature blend has dark chocolate, smoky, herbal notes forming a clean cup with sweet acidity and a complex finish.

In 1907, Himelhoch's opened their first department store in Detroit, Michigan, and it grew to become one of Detroit's most loved locations. The city changed, life changed, but in 2018, the family returned to serve Detroit lovers all over the country via the internet. They celebrate their history - and love for coffee! - by offering this unique and delightful 1907 Blend Medium-Roast.

Coffee tastes best when ground just before brewing. 12oz. bag of Roasted Whole Beans. Certified Fair Trade and Organic. Made in Detroit by coffee lovers for coffee lovers!