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Motor City Soap

Natural Cotton Soap Saver


Extend the life of your bar soap with this crocheted soap saver made with 100% USA grown cotton!

This saver is handmade to custom fit Motor City soaps! Place a full-sized bar inside or fill with small soap pieces and hang in your shower using the natural cord to help soap dry between use. The cotton fibers provide gentle exfoliation, substitute as a wash cloth for a deeper clean and provide a beautiful lather! Soap savers also pair perfectly with a bar of soap to create a cozy gift.

Instructions for Care: Wash cold on gentle cycle; lay flat to dry

Item Details:

>>> Made with 100% USA grown cotton
>>> Includes natural drawstring cord and plastic cord lock
>>> Approx. 3" x 6" and will stretch to fit standard bar soap

Natural Cotton Soap Saver