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Order Process

No confirmation/tracking email?
Please be sure to check your ‘spam’ or ‘junk mail’ folder to ensure the confirmation did not end up there. If you save as a recognized email, your confirmation should come to your inbox every time!

How do I check my order status?
Once you log in to your account, you will be able to review your ‘dashboard’. Here you have all your ordering history as well as status of each shipment.

How do I send to multiple addresses?
As each state has its own applicable taxes and shipping costs based on weight, it is necessary to enter all the products you wish to be sent to an individual address and then check out. If you wish to send additional gifts to other addresses, it is necessary to repeat the process.

How do I send from a billing address outside the USA OR how do I send to an address outside the USA?
When you are completing the address information, skip the State/Province box and enter the correct Country in the box below. By selecting a country outside the USA, your card details will be accepted. We suggest however that if you wish to send to/from outside the USA you drop us an email on to help find the most cost effective method for shipping.

How do I send a gift on a future date?
Unfortunately we cannot confirm this via the website. However, if you ring our team on 1 (866) 526 5833, we can ensure your delivery is sent as when you like.