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Motor City Soap

The Yogi Soap Bar

This soap is named The Yogi for its unique blend of relaxing lavender and energizing peppermint essential oils. The Yogi is one of Motor City Soaps' most popular soaps (and the owner's favorite!). All of the oils in this soap are certified organic and carefully selected to provide a gentle, cleansing bar of soap. The extra virgin olive oil acts as a humectant on your skin, providing moisture without residue. Perfect for face and body!


This bar soap is made with 100% certified organic oils and additives, including:

>>> organic olive oil
>>> organic coconut oil
>>> organic + sustainable palm oil
>>> organic lavender essential oil
>>> organic peppermint essential oil


3 x 2.5 x 1 inch
113 g (4 oz)

The Yogi Soap Bar