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Handpainted Candles - Gracious Coast Tartan


Tartan print in red, blue and green make these Gracious Coast Tartan candles by Kapula very unique! The candles are hand poured and hand painted candles and available in 6 sizes. The candles have a beautiful glow when burning that illuminates the splendid design and colors.

Available at special End-of-Line pricing - HUGE SAVINGS!

Kapula candles are individually hand crafted and painted -- each candle is unique and is what makes these candles so special. Please be aware that your delivered candle will likely appear different from website photos, but will be consistent with the theme of the design.

All Kapula candles are made with the highest quality natural paraffin wax with cotton wicks. They are unscented, free of added toxins, smokeless and drip-free.

Candle Tips:
First burn time - 1 hour for every inch diameter
Wicks should always be cut to ¼” prior to lighting
Avoid drafts - they cause dripping!
Please ensure candles are extinguished prior to leaving the room

Handpainted Candles - Gracious Coast Tartan